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So far this page is just for my Newfoundland photos. I might add more later, when I run out of holiday snaps (so, only about 500 to go, then)!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Tourist Information in Gros Morne.

We went for a drive through Gros Morne National Park, to go on a boat tour on Trout River Pond.

The view from the Gros Morne Tourist Information Centre carpark. If I had the "What To Do Around Bears" leaflet to hand, I would scan it in and include it. It may be addressing a serious issue, but it's completely hysterical!!!

And the way we were going.

Looking back the way we'd come from.

Sun, sand and...snow?!

Hard to believe that there would be a puddle, never mind a lake, in the middle of this landscape!

32 degrees C. Blazing hot sunshine. And yes, that IS snow.

Getting my own back for the sleepy shot further down the page ; )

So many beautiful horizons.

One of the villages in Gros Morne. Pretty as it is, it would be scary to live quite that far away from civilization!

This waterfall was just by the roadside.

On the way to Trout River Pond.

The flag at the Trout River Pond picnic spot. Which is also where we found THE most horrific "toilet" I've ever been too desperate not to use in my entire life. Seriously. Pit, hole, bucket. But it did seal the decision that I will NEVER go camping as long as I live!

Me at Trout River Pond. I relinquished control of the camera just for this one shot!

Trout River Pond. We went on a boat trip on the pond, from one end to the other. These were the flags on the top of the boat. It was a really great tour (and the guide wanted my new Skechers...setting the fashion trends again ; ), full of information. Most of which I've since forgotten, so the captions are pretty crap. However, the photos (even if I do say so myself) are pretty stunning!

I think there may be a UFO on this one (or...maybe it's because the rock formations looked kind of spacey. But...what IS that dark splodge in the sky?! They don't fly planes/helicopters over there, and there were no hot air balloons, etc, so I really don't know what it is!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Rare, stripy rock. That I can't remember the name of. We did get the full scientific explanation at the time though!

Looks vaguely volcanic!

I still can't believe I actually took some of these photos. It doesn't look real!

The rocky bank.

Looking up to one of the highest points.

The green bank, again.

I don't know how they survive! It really is just rock, and then plant.

Some of the weirdest looking ferns EVER grow near this pond. See what I mean about prehistoric?!

[Sky] - [Pollution] = [This Colour]

A hillside. With rocks. (OK, so some of these aren't the most exciting photos. They're still cool).